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Pictures taken on my trip to Iceland

March, 2017

March, 2018: Iceland

       Iceland: Land of Fire and Ice

     Join me as I journey to Iceland for a specially prepared excursion to one of the most fascinating places on the planet.  This is truly a unique destination because of its isolated cultural development as well as it being a geological "hotspot" on our planet. Here's where Mother Earth is being created as the North American Plate and European Plate are ripping apart from each other, truly creating "No-man's land". We will have the opportunity to experience this continental rift plane as well as the geo-thermal activity that results from this living planet experience. We will also have plenty of opportunities to enjoy the Icelandic cultural heritage - a combination of Old World Scandinavia and New World  North America. 

     If this sounds interesting to you, click on the button below and I'll send you all of the detailed information that you'll need to join me for this fascinating journey.

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