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So, you've been saving for months, maybe years for your dream vacation, or you've been everywhere, done everything, but still want to see and do more. We at GET OUT! Excursions pride ourselves on finding the best and most unique travel experiences for our clients. Whether you're looking for a new culture to explore, a new hobby to pursue, a new mountain to climb or just want something different to see or do pre or post cruise, we've got the experts ready to make it happen. Call us and let us know WHAT YOU WANT TO SEE AND/OR DO! After all, it is YOUR VACATION!

The Road Less Traveled


Our small groups travel in comfortable mini-coaches. Their size enables them to travel along local roads, through breathtaking mountain passes and into small quaint villages with picturesque vistas and tons of local flavor. Truly these are the roads less traveled simply because the large tourist coaches can't maneuver on them. And once you're there, you won't have to contend with the usual mobs of tourists vieing for a place at the table or a spot at the cash register. And while you're comfortably ensconced in a hilltop or valley village, why not stay in a charming local accommodation and enjoy intimate local restaurants.

Leisurely Paced Itineraries


No more waking up at the crack of dawn in order to rush through breakfast and be crammed on a bus with 40 other tired and cranky  travelers. With personalized travel, you can travel not only at your own pace, but within your own time frame. Rarely do any of these tours start before 8:30 am, with most days beginning at 9 am. And your itinerary will be thoughfully planned out so that you're not cramming too much into a single day. Most of our clients find it preferable to make discoveries at a more leisurely pace with time to socialize with the tour leader and appreciate the local settings or delve deeper into attractions on their own. Sometimes you'll have an afternoon - or even a day - a your leisure to explore on your own or simply to sit back, relax and absorb the local environs.

Culinary Experiences


Sampling local cuisiine is an integral part of experiencing the culture - not to mention one of life's pleasures. Authentic culinary experiences, which are locally sourced, are included in all of our personalized itineraries. Whether you're dining in Rick Stein's famous Seafood Restaurant in Cornwall, at a local farm in Puglia or sampling tapas in a chef's living room in Seville - you will find that all of our included meals are at local hand-picked - top-rated establishments. Or, learn to cook your ideal ethnic meal from a local expert. Whether it's a cooking demonstration in a French chateau, a cooking class with the Baronessa Cecelia Bellelli Bartta on the Amalfi Coast or a Turkish cooking class in a local Turkish home, learning to cook the local cuisine will only enhance your experience and enable you to re-live your holiday whenever you cook these meals at home. Wherever possible, we will try to meet any and all dietary requirements.

Authentic Local Experiences

Most people recognize that an authentic local experience has a unique appeal that mega tourist venues, while attractive, don't offer. So why not seek out experiences where you can relate to local culture, crafts, spiritulaity, and cuisine. For example, spend some time meeting with local craftsmen in the Cotswolds, visit the National Stud on a private guided tour, learn to speak a few words of the notriously difficult Welsh in Wales and visit one of the few stonemasonry workshops left in Croatia. And if you find yourself on a tour in Sicily, why not find out about the orgins of the Mafia and see where important scenes from "The Godfather" were filmed.

Charming Accommodations


We pride ourselves on choosing local accommodations that reflect the character of the region that you're visiting. These include rustic retreats, old country estates, private yachts, traditional inns and grand castle-hotels. Every style of accommodation is in keeping with the local surroundings. Some are chosen for their fascinating history, others for their excellent location and/or their superb service. Whether you stay in a Scottich castle, French chateau, Spanish palace, Italian villa or Greek cave hotel, you may be sure that each one will bring more authenticity to your personalized itinerary.

Tour Leaders


Personalized Tour Leaders are locals dedicated to delivering a unique and unforgettable experience; whether that be dining with a small group, individualiizing a museum tour, offering the flexibility to change the itinerary, giving personal recommendations for lunch or bringing each destination to life with their insight and knowledge. These guides are committed to delivering a truly authentic, personable experience and it's obvious that each of them is passionate about the tours that they lead. With a wide range of backgrounds and former occupations, including botany, law enforcement, miliatary service, philanthropy, photography, business and finance, they will enhance your tour with fascinating facts and intersting antecdotes.

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