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Personalize Your Trip to Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific with GET OUT! Excursions.


The vacation destinations of Australia, New Zealand, and the South Pacific richly reward visitors with a diversity of culture, mystery, history and stunning beauty. Now, with more flights than ever to their capitals and largest cities, these destinations are more accessible than ever.


Know your destination:

Australia caters to all travel styles, from jet-setting sophisticates to honeymooning newlyweds, to families on fun-filled vacations, to friend on adrenaline-jazzed outdoor adventures. Its most iconic attractions range from the instantly recognizable Sydney Opera House - the height of urban sophistication - the the sacred Ayers Rock, mighty symbol of the Outback


Here, There and Everywhere:

Things to personalize your vacation with include the rugged Red Center Landscape, thousands of miles of beaches, the stupendous Great Barrier Reef, Kangaroos and Koala Bears, a sheep station, a magnificent wine region, a walk on the harbor bridge, a personalized tour of the world famous Sydney Opera House, extensive train journeys, penguins, subtropical rainforests and sprawling deserts. That's a ton of attractions, but still only a fraction of what makes Australia one of the world's most desirable vacation destinations.


Dine Your Way Across Australia:

In the big cities and off the beaten path, take the time to indulge yourself in Australia's tastiest cuisines and foodie experiences:

- Chomp into a sandwich of toasted bread smothered with Vegemite, a savory spread and, without-a-doubt, the most famous authentic Australian food product.

- Sit down for some low-fat, high protein kangaroo meat, fresh off the BBQ grill or enjoy other unique Aussie meats including Emu and crocodile.

- Don't forget to sample Aussie meat pies, "bush tucker", potato cakes, cheeses from King Island Dairy or "bugs".

- A must try is Lamingtons, the dessert choice for millions of Aussies. It can't be beat with its equation of sponge cake, chocolate and coconut.

- And hit the road for a tour of the famous Aussie wineries and sip some Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir and Shiraz from the celebrated wineries of the Hunter and Yarra Valleys.






New Zealand

Know your destination:

New Zealand is BIG on natural beauty, recreation and culture. The last significant landmass discovered by man, it is also one of the world of travel's best kept secrets - although the hit "The Lord of the Rings" movies from the recent past have given encouragement to more and more travelers to make their own discovery.


North and South:

New Zealand is composed of two island, appropriately identified as North and South Island. The two islands have surprisingly different characters. The North Island is known for its dramatic volcanic landscapes, beautiful beaches that offer excellent sailing, ancient indigenous forests and a strong Maori cultural influence. The South Island has a slower pace of life dominated by the snow covered Southern Alps and the spectacular scenery of the fjordlands, with its glaciers, deep lakes and lush forests.


Where the action is:

New Zealand offers a huge variety of action packed and laid back activities to fit and fulfill any personalized dream. Activities include bungee jumping, skiing, swimming, with dolphins, sailing and scenic boat cruises, as well as walking trails with unrivalled scenery. Travelers can also immerse themselves in the sophisticated culture of Auckland and the capital Wellington in the North and Christchurch in the South.


Dine Your Way Across New Zealand:

New Zealand is primarily an agricultural based economy so its cuisine is based on local ingredients and seasonal variations, with products from both land and sea. Similar to Australian cuisine, it is diverse and contains elements of British, Mediterranean, and Pacific Rim influences.

New Zealand lamb is considered to be the best in the world, and the country also exports massive quantities of kiwi fruit. The country's wine industry is universally acclaimed and in addition to Pavlova (a meringue-based dessert named after the dancer Anna Pavlova), there are singular treats that are not to be missed:

- Marmite - the New Zealand version of Vegemite - a yeast spread with a distinctive, powerful flavor. A New Zealand staple since 1910.

- Hokey Pokey ice cream - one of New Zealand's most popular ice cream flavors, consists of plain vanilla ice cream dotted with small crunchy lumps of honey comb toffe.

- A top fingerfood delicacy at parties and events, white bait fritters are based on small fish with a subtle taste, which are essentially cooked into a buttery omelette.



The South Pacific 

Know our destination:

Composed of Tahiti, Bora Bora, Moorea and other island, exotic French Polynesia's dramatic mountain ridges, European flair and luxurious over-water bungalows lure visitors eager to experience serenity and sophistication in equal measures. Discover romance in five-star resorts that open directly onto gleaming beaches and clear blue waters.

Meanwhile, Fiji, which is an archipelago composed of over 300 islands, is one of the most exotic places in the world. Surrounded by dreamy beaches, vibrant coral reefs, sapphire waters and views to the infinite horizon, Fiji is a sensory journey as well as a life-defining vacation destination. On Fiji, expect to be entranced by some of the world's best accommodations, from five-star resorts to eco-resorts, to hidden treasures, all accentuated with lush landscapes that lure both adventure seekers and those looking for the utmost solitude.


Where the action is:

Special Delivery: For a unique romantic experience, there are some resorts that will have breakfast delivered directly to your over-water bungalow - via canoe.

Sea Quest: Explore the brilliant and colorful undersea world to depths of 15 feet with Snuba, a version of scuba diving that uses an air hose instead of a tank.

Catch some rays: Wade into a shallow lagoon and hand feed raw fish to three foot wide southern stingrays, which are gentle and playful enough to touch.

Snorklin' Safari: Don your snorkeling gear and join an underwater safari to Opunohu Bay, where you'll get a fascinating view of exotic fish and brilliant corals or explore Rakiraki, on the north coast of Viti Luvu, where you'll find chromatic pristine reefs and an abundance of exotic fish.

Hit the surf: Catch a wave, or more, off the southernmost Mamanucas around Tavaru and Namotu, as well as off the Coral Coast near Pacific Harbor on Viti Levu

The only way to fly: Maximize your island time by arriving at your resort via seaplane or helicopter transfer which are available from multiple operators on the islands.

Cave to your desires: The Naihehe Cave seems even eerier when you realize that it's a fortress of one of Fiji's last cannibal tribes, and contains a ritual platform and cannibal oven.

I Sea Food: It's no surprise that seafood is a Tahitian staple, so try some exotic local dishes such as parrotfish, barracuda, octopus, sea urchin, and river prawns (also known locally as chevrettes).

4x4: Head off the beaten path in a 4x4 and discover relics of the Polynesian era and WWII artillery left behind by American GIs, plus pearl farms and vanilla plantations.

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