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Here you'll find a selection of my favorite pictures from my travels to Belize and London in 2016.


Click on a picture to be taken to the slideshow of the trip.

March 16-29, 2016

   Belize is one of the most exotic destinations that I've ever enjoyed. Rich in a variety of culture, it also offers a choice of environs. From city life to country dwellings; river fun to ocean excitment, both complete with sports; and mountains to tropical jungles, Belize has it all.

   So click on the picture of the tropical beach to be taken to my page of slide shows, offering a selection of flora, fauna, cuisine and archelology.

September 6-17, 2016

It was one of those special number birthdays so it was time to do something special. Traveling to London with some special friends added to the experience as we all got to see and do just about all of the things that were on our bucket lists, including an excursion to Stonehenge - something that many of us had on our bucket list.

Click on the picture to see more of my pictures from this trip.


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