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Here are some slide shows of my travels in 2014.


Click on the PICTURE to be taken to the SLIDE SHOWS.

Paris, France
August, 2014

I was able to spend 5 days in Paris, wandering the streets and taking in all that this beautiful city has to offer. I started my stay with a Hop-on-Hop-off bus tour, a great way to get an overview of the city and to pick and choose what I wanted to really see. I then had skip-the-line tickets for The Louvre and The Eiffel Tower, which enabled me to make the most of my time at these wonderful sites. Add to that a Seine River Cruise and  a leisurely stroll down the Champ Elysee...

Toronto, Canada
June/July, 2014

I recently got to re-visit one of my favorite cities - Toronoto. This was also the first time I was able to visit the Lake Ontario Islands, and it was a beautiful day to do so. If you've not had the opportunity to see the beauty of these islands, take the time next time you're in Toronto.


August, 2014

Florence, Naples and Rome - three major cities and three must see destinations in Italy. Add to that Capri and Serrento and you have the makings of a breathtaking vacation, no matter what tiime of year. Besides the history and the views, the food was amazing. I even took the opportunity to learn how to make a traditional Italian pasta meal. Yes, I'd go back. There's so much more to see and do. Italy is just one of those place you can't get enough of.

Ottawa, Canada
July 1, 2014

This past July, my husbands and I had a rare opportunity to be in Ottawa - Canada's capital city - on July 1 - Canada Independence Day. It was great to see some of the highlights of the city (Canadian Museum of History and the National Gallery of Canada) and to see the celebration outside the Canadian Parliament Building. And the fireworks were very cool too.

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