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     You all know about the Bone Island annual events held in July in Key West, Florida. Did you know that they hold a similar event every December too? That’s right, just when old man winter is getting ready to grip the northern hemisphere, Bone Island Productions offers you one last chance to heat it up before the bitter winter months set in.

     Just like it’s summer counterpart, Bone Island, Key West December attracts hundreds of gay naturists and guys who like to get naked who come into town and fill up Key West’s clothing optional gay guesthouses and gay friendly hotels. Like the summer weekend, the December weekend will also be filled with dance parties, pool parties foam parties as well as other clothing optional activities. (The official schedule was not available as of this writing.)

     This year’s December Bone Island Key West Weekend will launch

December 4-7, 2014,

so cast aside your clothes and inhibitions and get ready to experience the best of Key West’s gay day and night life.

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