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Fall 2018: Northwest Italy

     Rich in culture, cuisine and geography, Northwest Italy is an unexplored region for me. Focusing on Genoa, Italy's most important port as well as a vibrant tourist attraction, this trip will spend days exploring this cultural hub which is rich in history and attractions.

     Reaching outside of Genoa, I plan on exploring the Italian Riviera, possibly from Portofino, or possibly from one of the many, many towns that hug the Italian Coast. The Italian Rivieras are sites to behold with their beautiful beaches and colorful homes/buildings hugging the seaside hills. I'm looking forward to lots of fresh, daily seafood from the bountiful Ligurian Sea.

     Moving inland, another side of Northwest Italy awaits. This is the Piedmont, the area between the sea and the Alps. The two bordering nations of France and Switzerland have greatly influenced the cultural as well as the gastronomic life of this reagion. It's truly unique, even for Italy. This is the region of Turin with its coffee houses and chocolate shops, as well as it's famous museums, churches and markets; Lingotto, Italy's Car Capital; and Alba, home of the white truffle district which is a key element of the risotto of the region.

     Here too is a geographic paradise. It's here, in Northwest Italy, that the tallest mountains in Europe are located: Mont Blanc, Monte Rosa, and Cervino - better known as the Matterhorn. Italy has done a wonderful job in preserving this natural beauty by protecting Valle d'Aosta and the Gran Paradiso National Park. Hopefully, there will be plenty of opportunities to get out and explore this natural paradise.


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