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Only good things can come ​from​
combining luxury and passion.

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Welcome to MY World

... The World of Travel

I’ve been working and traveling around the world for over 25 years and that doesn’t include my years of studying and teaching about the various corners of this great world of ours, with all its rich history and culture. As a matter of fact, my love of travel began with my desire to teach young people about our amazing world, which I did for over ten years before I finally took the leap and began to explore it myself. So, whether you want to relax and unwind while sailing one of our planet’s great oceans or seas, or if you want to learn and explore some of the worlds greatest treasures, this is the place to start. If you enjoy doing this on your own, with a beloved partner, or a small group of close family and/or friends, it doesn't matter because I specialize in personalized, small group travel. And, if you also want to see a little bit of  ”off-the-beaten-path”, this is a great place to start too, because, I’ve been there or I can find it for you.

So give me a call (301-375-0905) or drop me a line at…. and let the adventure begin.



FOR 2019:

Iceland Bears on Ice

Vienna, Prague, Bratislava

FOR 2020:


Amsterdam Sail 2020

Southern Italy

Links coming soon

Under Construction





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